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TDS Rates for Non-Residents

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TDS Rates for Non-Residents u/s 195 of Income Tax Act, 1961

Nature of Payment Co. Others
1. Long Term Capital Gains u/s 115E NA 10%
2. Other Long Term Capital Gains (excluding u/s 10(33), 10(36) & 10 (38)) 20% 20%
3. Short Term Capital Gains u/s. 111A 15% 15%
4. Investment income from Foreign Exchange Assets NA 20%
5. Interest payable on moneys borrowed or debt incurred in Foreign Currency 20% 20%
6. Royalty & Fees for technical services u/s. 115A
– Agreement  1st June, 1997 to 31st May, 2005
– Agreement on or after 1st June 2005


7. Winnings from Lotteries, Crossword Puzzles and Horse Races 30% 30%
8. Any Other Income 40% 30%

Surcharge & Education Cess

Type of Payment Surcharge Rate Health & Education Cess (4.00%)
Payment to Non-Residents (other than Cos) Upto 50 Lakh Nil Yes
> 50 Lakh but upto 1 crore
> 1 crore but upto 2 crore > 2 crore but upto 5 crore > 5 crore
15% 25% 37%
 Payments to Foreign Co. Upto 1cr Nil Yes
> 1 Crore 2%
> 10 Crores 5%

Surcharge & Education Cess

Stage of deduction

Upto 30th June 2010 (Rate permonth or part of the month)

From 1st July 2010 (Rate per month or part of the month)

From date when deductible till actual deduction

1% 1%

From date of deduction till payment

1% 1.5%


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