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M/s MAARG & Associates is a Chartered Accountant firm that has humble origins. It was started in 2010, set up by the founders working in Accountancy field later on expanded to provide vast services. The partners share outstanding academic records and focused on their deep understanding of the accountancy to form the very foundation of the firm.

Even today, the firm prides itself for its commitment towards knowing the intricacies of Accounting, Auditing, Verification & Validations, Company Law, Accounting Standards, Taxation and Allied laws and encouraging professionals and articles to be at the forefront of the latest legal developments.

An early choice that the firm made was to combine the knowledge of law with the highest ethical practices. It allows the firm to set clear boundaries within which the professionals operate with freedom.

The diversity of partners makes the strong roots of our firm. Many of our professionals are dual qualified having also studied CS, M.Com, UGC NET, JRF, DISA, FAFD etc while Chartered Accountancy as their primary qualification. We are also associated with professionals who have had significant industry or policy experience. A diverse mix allows the firm to collaborate effectively, address areas where law combines with technology or accounting and design solutions for the clients.


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